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Waste Authorisations

One of the consequences of incremental industrial growth is the generation of waste. Disposal of waste generated by industries is generally ignored and often went unregulated leading to the environment hazards. Keeping the principle of sustainable development in mind (that development and sustainability should go hand-in-hand) there was a need of a robust system of management of waste was setup. In India, waste management is governed and regulated by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF) which works in consonance with the respective State Pollution Control Board or Committees set up in various States. Their are various laws and underlying provisions enacted in India which empower the authorities in the regulation of waste in India. One of such policies is The National Environment Policy, 2006 which lays emphasis not only on systematic disposal of the waste but also on recycling and treating of waste generated by the Industries.

Some of the approvals prescribed under the waste management laws of India are as under:

1. Hazardous Waste Management;

2. Bio-Medical Waste Management;

3. Extended Producer Responsibility;

4. E-waste Management;

5. Plastic Waste Management;

6. State Pollution Control Board Consent/NOC

7. Pollution Control Committee Consent/NOC

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