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Analysing and Budgeting

This is a critical feature, because if you want to raise funds (whether by bank debt, PE/VC financing, or an IPO), you'll need a budgeting framework that allows you to provide reliable estimates to your lenders and investors.

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Analysing and Budgeting

A comprehensive budgeting and forecasting framework is needed to be a successful player in today's world. The following are some of the most significant advantages of this exercise:

  • Understanding the cash flow and other capital needs.
  • Planning and planning for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Identifying key management personnel's priorities and objectives.
  • Developing a development plan and establishing targets

This is a critical feature, because if you want to raise funds (whether by bank debt, PE/VC financing, or an IPO), you'll need a budgeting framework that allows you to provide reliable estimates to your lenders and investors.

This is not something that can be accomplished overnight; it requires careful preparation and monthly budgeting and variance analysis. Corpzo assists in the creation of a robust forecast model, which begins with open dialogue with all key stakeholders. We then assess the information currently available and present it in a comparable format so that you can make an informed forecasting decision. Following that, we work with the senior management team to discuss and debate the numbers in order to test all assumptions, and then we create a comprehensive forecast model. We then conduct a preliminary investigation into the company, the goods and services, market benchmarks, and competitor financials (where available) in order to construct a comprehensive financial model that includes sensitivity scenarios and ratio analysis to substantiate various business statements.

If done correctly, a business forecast provides you with estimated revenue and expenditure figures as well as a look into the company's future.

Setting goals and identifying milestones for business results can be aided by creating a comprehensive financial forecast, which includes sensitivity scenarios and ratio analysis. It also shows you how to accomplish your objectives and trains you for any eventuality.

However, if this prediction is incorrect, it could be disastrous for your business. If you are unsure about doing this activity on your own, you can always seek our help.

We also perform a sensitivity analysis to assess the company's funding needs (under different scenarios). This also aids in the preparation of a cash flow forecast and the agreement on a Collection and Payables Policy for the company.

Our participation does not end there. From there, we assist the organisation in enforcing the budgeting mechanism and, for a period or two, we assist the accounting team in producing monthly variance reports until they are confident in doing so on their own. We also include exhaustive models with clear data input sheets for accounting staff to feed their actual financials from their accounting software and create informative management dashboards, to make the process easier for them.

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Analysing and Budgeting

This is a critical feature, because if you want to raise funds (whether by bank debt, PE/VC financing, or an IPO), you'll need a budgeting framework that allows you to provide reliable estimates to your lenders and investors.

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